Coronavirus Management

Golden Star values and is committed to safety and employee wellbeing. The Company is also committed to being a part of the community in which it operates.

Our people are our greatest asset and our management of the current COVID-19 pandemic must, to the greatest extent possible, protect our people and our host communities from the risk of transmission of COVID-19 as a result of our operations.


As a major employer and therefore catalyst for rural economic stimulus in our host communities, we share the dual burden of knowing that our continued operations are also critical to the health and wellbeing of our workforce and the thousands of people that they support both directly and indirectly.

In cognizance of these over-lapping responsibilities, our COVID-19 management is highly prevention focussed and proactive. As a company we are working to provide leadership in COVID-19 management to our business partners (contractors, suppliers and consultants), as well as working closely with our partners in the Ghana Health Services for the purposes of integrated management.

An overview of our Epidemic and Pandemic Management Plan in relation to COVID-19 and the key management controls that have been implemented to date:

The Company will continue to provide updates for our stakeholders on our COVID-19 management and controls. These News releases can be found here.